• Research Organizations

Research Centers and Laboratories of All Levels


National Scientific Research Bases

National Key Laboratory Breeding Base of Refractories and Ceramics

Ministerial Scientific Research Bases

The Engineering Research Center for Metallurgical Automation and Measurement Technology, Ministry of Education

Key Laboratory for Metallurgy Equipment and Control Units, Ministry of Education

Key Laboratory for Ferrous Metallurgy and Resources Utilization, Ministry of Education

Provincial and Municipal Scientific Research Bases

Hubei Research Center for Non-profit Organizations

Hubei Research Center for Industrial Policy and Management

Hubei Research Center for SMEs

Hubei Key Laboratory for Systems Science in Metallurgical Processes

Hubei Key Laboratory for Efficient Utilization and Angglomeration of Metallurgical Mineral Resources

Hubei Key Laboratory for Coal Conversion and New Carbon Materials

Hubei Key Laboratory for Ferrous Metallurgic New Technologies

Hubei Key Laboratory for Mechanical Transmission and Manufacturing Engineering

Hubei Key Laboratory for Ceramics and Refractories

WUST Scientific Research Bases

WUST Research Center for Nano-Materials and Technology

WUST Research Center for Surfaces and Interfaces of Materials

WUST Research Center for Precision Rolling Technology and New Materials Processing

WUST Research Center for Software Development

WUST Research Center for Civil Engineering

WUST Research Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology

WUST Institute of Occupational Disease Prevention 


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